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To see and do

See and do northern Öland, Grankullavik, Böda and Byxelkrok

The surroundings are especially suitable for you who are looking for calmness and closeness to the nature. Ölands' northern tip is lined with numerous excursions. Well worth a visit is the storm twisted ivy covered tree stumps of the pine forest "Trollskogen". Or why not pay a visit to the northern most point with its lighthouse "Långe Erik".

Other activities

  • Bathing - enjoy Grankullaviks' own small sandy beach or the 20 km long sandy Beach of the Böda bay.
  • Visit the National park "Blå Jungfrun"
  • Visit the small town of Byxelkrok
  • Sports fishing - Grankullavik sport fishing centre is situated adjacent to Grankullavik's southwestern beach, 40 m from own fishing water.
  • Golf, there are many fine golf courses nearby, try for example the Byxelkrok GK
  • "Lådbilslandet", or the "Cartie country", see the Lådbilslandet homepage
  • Neptuni åkrar - vast rubble fields and billowing beach banks. The landscape could have been shaped by the sea god Neptune.
  • "Trollskogen" - the enchanted forest.
  • Öland's zoo and amusement park - "Ölands djurpark", see

Homrevet a beatiful sandy beach in the Böda bay

Blå Jungfrun

The pub in the Byxelkrok harbour

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